Nepal - twenty years ago this month


Hard to believe it's been twenty years since I was in Nepal - we logged over 160 miles on elephants from Corbett National Park in Northwest India to Bardia National Park in Southwest Nepal. Pradeep Rana - our venerable guide-  accompanied us through this unstudied wilderness where we slept amongst the tigers, rhinos and giant elephants that roamed free through Kipling's jungle.  

I had the privilege of encountering and photographing the largest Asian elephants on record; these restless giants can be seen on my Flickr account  They have long since been relinquished back to the soil - through old age and poaching.  Such is the vanishing wilderness of our planet.  I am still remastering this series and will hopefully sometime soon get the black and white images loaded and possibly create a book about the adventure, to record if nothing else for the notoriety of the adventure.  

I hope to go back someday for a visit.  

Nepal - February 1994
Mahout SunsetMahout SunsetThis picture was taken using Ektachrome during an expedition to Bardia National Park, Nepal. The mahouts were turning the lady elephants in for the night






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