Speaking at Oregon Society of Artists on Sunday May 7th

Opening reception for Portland Photography Forum show at Oregon Society of Artists on May 7th;  I'll be discussing my infrared work.  OSA    Bicycles - Kampong Thom, CambodiaBicycles - Kampong Thom, CambodiaBlack and White Magazine "People's Choice Award" 2013 Single Image Contest, Juried - Pinhole to iPhone Special Exhibit, Juried - 2012 Member Showcase NewSpace Center for Photography (sold)

These bicycles were donated to local school along with school supplies and rice.


KRP Photography(non-registered)
Really a quality picture, great work here we see your passion for photography.
Ornament Central(non-registered)
Here’s a potential issue you may encounter when trying to capture motion in photography:

When you slow your shutter speed to blur elements in your image, there’s a chance that too much light will enter and impact your photograph (which will result in overexposure).

This is a common problem, but there are a couple of ways to resolve it:

First, check the aperture on your camera. The wider it is, the more likely excess light will enter. Try adjusting the settings to reduce its size.

Second, review your ISO setting. When the ISO is high, the image sensor in your camera may be overly sensitive to light. This can create a too-bright image, as well as unwanted noise, so consider dropping your ISO.
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