Memoir is a #1 New Release on Amazon!


Made #1 New Release on Amazon!!

Also a good time to check out my YouTube Channel.

After five years in the making I'm finally launching my memoir. While my odyssey does relate to photography, it also covers my travels and more importantly my recovery as a second-generation cult survivor:  Meaning I was forced into a cult, in this case the Church of Scientology, by my mother while I was a teenager.  Much has been in the news about the "church" and I am now an advocate to build awareness on childhood trauma and the long-term effects in the hopes others will not suffer the same fate.  My book is available through this link to Amazon where you can order the Kindle and paperback version.  Happy New Year to everyone who follows me and looking forward to a fabulous 2019!

Shout out to Photo.Galluzzo for the cover art. 





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