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Happy 4th of July!!!

Kicking of this post with the RollingStone article from our meet up in September!  I describe this event in my memoir, though I can't show pictures or refer to many of the names due potential retaliation by the Church of Scientology against some of the members.  






We endeavor to educate the general public on the dangers of cults - especially to children.  In a recent lawsuit filed against the Scientology by notable litigators (who put Bill Cosby behind bars), Marci Hamilton notes: 


"The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Scientology as a tax-exempt religion, a status it won in 1993 after years of litigation. But another of Jane Doe's attorneys, Marci Hamilton, academic director of Child USA, a nonprofit children's advocacy group, argued that religious liberty defenses don't apply in this case.

Church members "have the right to believe anything they want," Hamilton said. "But they cannot do whatever they want. This lawsuit continues the important work of the #MeToo era to bring institutions and individuals to account for child abuse, trafficking and neglect."


You can read more of our stories at the Children of Scientology website (including my book of course - under the pen name Sandra Kay).  



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