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"We visited Chisapani the next day, a village that was a hub of the Tibetan Salt Trail. I saw once again the hard life; a goat bleating as it tried to deliver a baby that was breaching, the music of impoverished children laughing and playing, the muddy grace of women dressed in beautiful fabrics going about their daily chores, the apathy of men foraging a meager living.

As we hiked up the trail we discovered women carrying heavy woven packs of unknown goods; they were set to trek across the Himalayas to their intended destination.

The villagers were fascinated by this rare visit from foreigners. I took to recording this place and time as photographers do, along this lesser trail that led to the greater byways I had been traveling.

The village itself seemed to swell momentarily with a bustle of activity as new payloads of salt arrived. It was a precious commodity that was mined from the fossilized deposits of the Himalayas.

Through the cracked surface of their hands, the villagers absorbed the mineral purity from the weeping pores of the mountains, then delivered their bounty to the rest of the world in the form of crystallized tears that had once given life to an ancient sea."

From the Thunderstorms of Eden - a Memoir
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