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The spaces between; modern gestures recorded against the backdrop of ancient ruins; interstices created by the unseen world of infrared imagery.

Crowds overwhelm these ancient sites becoming part of the landscape so I include their musings in my narrative. I wonder what was constructed in these places before time molded them to their current state. Sicily amazes with its rival ruins and ancient trees still bearing fruit...stone suffers but the tree remains.

Shot handheld with Nikon D5200, various lenses.
Colosseum - Rome ItalyColosseum - Rome Italy - ViewThe Roman FortSelinunte, Sicily #1Selinunte, Sicily #2Selinunte, Sicily #3Selinunte, Sicily #3Agrigento sicily, IcarusAgrigento, sicily, ConcordOlive Grove, SicilyOlive Tree, Sicily #1Olive Tree, Sicily #2Olive Tree, Agrigento, SicilyTomb at Agrigento, Sicily

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